How to find my Finnish roots?

01.08.2022 - 01.08.2023
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Now you can learn more from genealogical research of Finnish roots with the help of video recording and pdf materials. The online course includes an overview of Finnish migration history and the most important research sources. Furthermore, we will look into Geni (a co-publishing platform where it’s possible to find and record information of your family).

The length of the course is two hours (online recorded part) + one hour (online interactive part). 100+ slides material is included too. In addition, the course includes a free account to the digital archives of SSHY (for the period from registration to the interactive lecture)

For those who have bought the video recording, can participate in an online lecture that will be held on Saturday 19th of November 2022 at 14:00-15:00 EET (Finnish time). There, it’s possible for the participants to ask questions about the genealogical research of Finnish roots.

Welcome to learn more from the history of your family!

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1. Finnish history: A short introduction to Finnish history and the migration of the Finns. The aim is to offer a general understanding of Finnish history from prehistoric times to 1900’s Finland.

2. Basics of Finnish genealogy research: Discussion of how to start genealogical research of ancestors or relatives from Finland. Introduction to the types of basic source documents, archive registers and databases. The goal is to form a good picture of how to start genealogy research, emphasizing sufficient quality of research from the beginning.

3. Evangelical-Lutheran church records: Most Finns belonged to the Evangelical-Lutheran church. Most of the church records were written in Swedish. We investigate briefly how to read and interpret these records.

4. Orthodox church records: In Eastern Finland (especially Karelia), many people belonged to the Orthodox church. Most of the church records were written in Russian. We investigate briefly how to read and interpret these records.

5. Taxation and court records: Brief introduction to other types of source records, focusing on taxation and court records.

6. Family history interviews: It is very important to carry out interviews and record family knowledge, before it vanishes. We discuss how to carry out successful family history interviews.

7. is a very popular family tree service in Finland. We discuss how to use to support your genealogical research and how to be involved in the Finnish community.

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